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    Back to Blackberry user here; from Bold to iPhone to Android (x2) to Nokia N8 and now to the Torch.

    I've only had the phone a few days and am impressed with the hardware and the ease of use compared to the N8 and the Androids for actually getting things done compared to the new kids on the block. Came oh so close to selecting the Droid Pro but cannot abide VZW and their lockdown let alone Moto's less than endearing penchant for stumbling & bumbling with updates to the OS.

    I've not updated the OS .337 but have the read good reports but no time to do it yet.

    My question is this...I'd like to know what the easiest way is to get my phone to remind me to do certain things. For example, I am supposed to contact a client about a lunch the day before via email to discuss time and location.

    I do not see a way to do this in the Calendar app easily so I assume there must be a good app out there that will do it. I could do it as a Calendar event that reminds 24 hours prior and then send out the email then but I'd rather have some type of contacts based app that gives me a popup reminder.

    Who out there has some insight or can point me in the right direction?
    12-03-10 08:27 AM
  2. mooshka360's Avatar
    As far as the Native BB Calendar goes, you have a few options.

    You can set a Calendar Appt. like you normally would.

    You can set an Alarm (hit the BB button while in Calender) and then select New Alarm, set the time you want to remind yourself and then you can type a short message. (This is was I use quite often)

    Or you could set a Task (hit the BB button while in Calender) and then select New Task, you can then set the Priority, Status, and When it is Due by, and you can set a reminder to make sure it gets done.

    Both the Alarms and Tasks will show up in the Calender but not in the home menu drop down. (they will still pop up on the screen and alert you if you have set the reminder to do so)

    Also once you set a time and place you can enter it into your calender and you can add attendees (the outline of two people, on the screen at the bottom, second from the left) This will add a person/people to the event and then send them a reminder (via email, and possibly over BBM, not sure about the BBM sending tho) That way it can be added to their calender on their phone as well.

    Hope that helps on expanding the uses for the Calender and what it can do.
    12-03-10 09:12 AM
  3. mikey1's Avatar
    I use Later dude for this type of thing - a cheap app that I find quite useful,
    12-03-10 09:14 AM