1. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Got my Torch four days ago from Orange UK. Basically... love this fone!
    However, there are some annoyances, some greater than others

    Favourites icons moving all over place is well documented

    Downloaded OS 5.0 ringtones and randomly the fone switches back to its original sounds and menu says uploaded ones can't be used. Needs re boot. The downloaded ringtones sound much, much tinnier on 9800, even though it's on .246. I suppose the Bold had the best sound ever...

    Last night popped fone into Bedside mode but at 2:30am it shrieked to tell me an e-mail was in ironically one from Skype to ask if I wanted their system on my smartphone... except they still haven't got one for BB!!! Checked again and Bedside mode doesn't disable communications...

    Copied over WLAN settings from Bold and they all set up fine for 5 different wif-fi locations, but the fone needs prompting when swapping into saved wifi zones. Bold did it automatically, but Torch doesn't and couldn't find an option for it. Is there one...

    Anyone else have these probs?
    10-09-10 04:36 AM
  2. neosoulz's Avatar
    Even I have downloaded the 5.0 ringtones but installed them using the BBSAK... never had a problem with changing ringtones at all...
    I had a Bold too before this and the sound wasn't that great!
    Infact, the 8900 Curve was the loudest of all
    10-09-10 04:42 AM
  3. jeffreii's Avatar
    When you plug your phone into your computer - unless you use "Charge Only" mode - any ringtones that you have downloaded will revert to the default until you unplug. Are you sure this isn't what's happening? I've never had a problem with ringtones not saving.

    Bedside mode, by itself, can disable the LED, disable radio, dim screen - and change your alerts profile automatically. You have to go into the clock/options and change the bedside mode settings.

    If you don't disable the radio so that the phone can't communicate then you will just need to have a profile where things like emails are on silent and no vibrate. I have a profile just for bedside mode that turns off everything except phone calls and sms. It works GREAT.
    10-09-10 09:22 AM
  4. Mikey52's Avatar
    - When I start typing a text msg, sometimes it starts with a lower case letter. Kinda bugs me.
    - If I've typed a line of text in either a txt msg or an email and I want to delete a word or two using the virtual keyboard backspace button takes forever - It deletes each letter very slowly while holding the backspace key down. If I open the slider and use the physical backspace key, it deletes very quickly. As it should.

    Any ideas?? I'm on the stock Telus .246

    10-09-10 10:42 AM
  5. jeffreii's Avatar
    Instead of holding down backspace why not just press repeatedly? That works quickly.
    10-09-10 10:55 AM
  6. jcp007's Avatar
    I turn my Torch off when putting it in the charging pod at night but during the day, it is in bedside mode. Set the phone on vibrate. Thus no more shrieking. Also try some of the above advice.
    10-09-10 11:22 AM
  7. cestlavie77's Avatar
    I haven't had any issues with my 5.0 ringtones switching on me. I used "jeffreii's" easy method to get them on my 9800.

    As for Bedside mode... there are several customization options:
    1) Disable LED
    2) Disable Radio
    3) Dim Screen
    4) Sound Profile

    I haven't used Bedside mode, but to solve the "shriek" (as previously mentioned) you can either disable the radio and thus nothing comes through to your BB. Or if you don't want to do that, then choose the "All Alerts Off" profile, or create a custom profile that only allows phone calls and whatever else you deem important to come through while in Bedside mode.
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    10-09-10 11:52 AM
  8. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Hi Guys

    Thanks for your input; certainly 'user error' regarding the bedside mode!

    Anyone else have the same wi-fi issues?
    10-09-10 12:57 PM