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    My phone list lately, iPhone 3G - Bold 9000 - iPhone 3GS - Bold 9700 - iPhone 4 - Curve 9300 - iPhone 4 (I sent the curve back and got my iPhone replaced) now thinking of getting the Torch.

    iPhones, great, brill for the stupid apps that they have which drain the battery, can use Whatsapp to talk to people who have blackberry's (if i can convince them to use it) but even that doesn't like to connect to the somewhat unreliable servers.

    I've had 5 iPhone 4's since launch due to batteries dying and refusing to hold charge and one screen even gaining a hairline fracture after being dropped 4 inches (even apple said that shouldn't of happened)

    I do love blackberry's and miss so many features but hate the facebook app on blackberry's after getting to used to what the iPhone offers in that respect. Miss my flashing LED light in the middle of the night hehe.

    Haven't been able to get my hands on a working model of the torch but managed to feel a dummy and damn it feels a LOT nicer than i first anticipated.

    What are people's opinions on it? Especially from past/current iPhone users?
    10-17-10 04:13 PM
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    It is okay. I used to have a iPhone 3GS. It was jailbroken and I had Installous installed. So I had a whole bunch of free games and cool apps. I don't miss the iPhone because of its form factor but I miss it for the "free" apps. I had Navigon and TomTom installed for instance. It was hacked but it worked perfectly for me. I miss the hacked apps on my Torch. I had some BB's before, but games and other entertainment stuff is just waaaaay cooler on the iPhone. And the display of the Torch just isn't as crisp as the Iphone's screen... The Torch though has a great form factor. I missed a fysical keyboard on my iPhone...
    But this is just my personal opinion off course... ;-)

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    10-17-10 04:32 PM
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    I've played with an iPhone 3Gs in the house enough to get to know it, though I never tried to live with it for any length of time. I also have an iPod touch that I spent a good deal of time with to try to decide if I could live with the touch screen only. I thought long and hard about it and decided I couldn't and stuck with BB when it was time to upgrade the Bold 9000.

    As cancunlover says, the display isn't as crisp as the iP4's, or many other high-end offerings ... but it's good enough for what I do with it: messaging, semi-serious browsing, the occasional game and a few other apps, and of course phone calls. I don't watch movies or videos other than a rare visit to YouTube, and the display is just fine for that. What I really like about it, and the reason I got a Torch instead of another Bold, is the flexibility of the form factor, the larger display, and OS6's browser that's eons better than any other BB device (though admittedly not as quick as the iPhone's). But again, it's an acceptable compromise in exchange for the benefits I get.

    Coming from an iPhone, you just need to ask yourself what it is you primarily want your phone to do. Best bet is to try to find a working floor model and spend some time playing with it and see if it's something that will work for you. There are things that the iPhone does better (display, apps, you probably know them all), so you just have to weigh if the physical keyboard and the other things BB does so well are worth the trade-off.

    As for apps, there are only a few I wish were available for the Torch, but certainly nothing I can't live without. And I've had no issues with it holding a charge; no matter how hard I hit it, there's always at least another few hours left in it at the end of the day.

    All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with the Torch; the more I use it, the more confident I am that I made the right choice.
    10-17-10 05:28 PM
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    Well baring in mind that I have had blackberrys before and is the phone I've managed to keep the longest before. The only reason I got rid of my Bold 9700 was due to the problems i was having with the network and got my contract canceled early and they demanded the phone back.

    Ordered my torch anyways and feel like it's the right choice after reading a lot of peoples views and opinions on the torch after it's been out for a few weeks. Should come tomorrow
    10-18-10 01:58 PM