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    Hey gang,

    I had been a BB person for a while, i left and went to verizon for the droidx. this phone can do anything i wish, but it is rather large, and even with the extended battery, it is a battery hog.

    i was thinking of paying the ETF with Verizon, and going to att for the torch, i had the torch the day it came out. i was not happy with it, cause of how laggy it was, and i went through 4 phones with that annoying slider wobble before calling it quits. just a few questions from you 9800 owners..

    1. how much better is the OS now (there was no updates when i had my torch, just the OS it came with)
    2. is battery life ANY better? i remember it was not that great with mine.

    3. has the slider "wobble" been fixed at all?

    4. it is between the torch (att) and the 9780 (tmobile). i hear horror stories about att service.


    i look forward to reading your opinions..

    12-28-10 06:34 AM
  2. Chucky1's Avatar
    1. I like the latest OS
    2. For the most part yes. Still going to have a little. Just test the one they give you before you leave the store in order to get the one you're comfortable with.
    3. T-mobile where I'm at is bad. AT&T here is better. Verizon is best. Realy depends on location.

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    12-28-10 06:56 AM
  3. Tinyk's Avatar
    2/ battery life has alwAys been good for me, it's very hard to flatten in just one day and I'm a fairly heavy user.

    3/ wobble has been fine for me, had one at launch and it wobbled a bit but the current one has been fine. You will always get a little movments because of the nature of the slider but it's certainly not an excess amount nor does it have any effect on the usage.

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    12-28-10 06:59 AM
  4. homer1475's Avatar
    Os upgrade surly fixed the lagginess the device had. Battery life for me has never been a problem, those that complain for some odd reason need more then a days worth of battery power(no idea why it just cant be charged while you sleep?). My battery lasts a full day and then some with moderate to heavy usage.

    Slider "wobble" is the same as its been since launch. Some are just worse then others. Besides with a moving part there is bound to be some play with it. I doubt in the last 4 or so months since its launch anything has been fixed with the colored torches.

    I've been a AT&T customer since '89, I have never had a problem with service or customer service. Any issue I have ever had, a simple call fixes it up with no problem.
    12-28-10 07:05 AM
  5. Gomz's Avatar
    1 I'm running os .337 and it was stable.
    2 I'm completely satisfy with my torch battery, in fact i find it much better than my 9700.
    3 no problem with the slider
    4 This is very important, my advice is to check first your 3g coverage in your area. otherwise get the t-mo 9780. I'm one of those who had a horror story with att.
    12-28-10 09:21 AM
  6. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    OS updates have improved on any laggyness...I've never had a problem with wobbling. Just make sure you have a sturdy device before you leave the store....and you say you "hear" horrible stories about at&t service? Well if you had the Torch before you should be familiar with at&t's service lol. Unless you purchased it w/o a contract, unlocked it, and used it on Tmo.
    12-28-10 10:48 AM
  7. crackhead007's Avatar
    I Love my Torch. Ive been AT&T costumer for the past 6 years or so. No they are not the "best" company but they are pretty good. Coverage depends really on the area. From the time I spent in New England, mostly New Hampshire, Verizon had the best coverage from what I could tell. I don't have any issues with wobble. You do get 30 days to try to phone out and take it back for a restocking fee if you don't like it. I would think if you had a wobble issue you could get that fee waved. I will admit the battery life is not as good as my 9700 was. The one person who said they have better life with the Torch, than the 9700 has me scratching my head. The phone seems pretty stable with either the latest "supported OS" and the leaked version .337 that I'm running on my unit now. As far as laggy-ness goes I have seen it a couple of times but I do usually have 10 apps running on my phone at all times so take that for what its worth. Reboot times on the Torch with .337 have gotten much faster than my 9700 ever was. Just my .02
    12-28-10 11:11 AM
  8. tgellr's Avatar
    No phone with the complexity of the latest smartphones is perfect for everyone. I can tell you these things: Once had the 9000, now I couldn"t go back; no phone with a moving keyboard never wobbles a little; I'm completely satisfied with OS 337... and they will get even better; been with AT&T for 8+ years and never had anything but satisfaction. No matter what you decide, you will have to get used to a new phone in your hand...it's like driving a car other than your own...the same, but different.
    12-28-10 03:16 PM
  9. bvrat5199's Avatar
    OS is OK.

    I'm actually impressed with the battery life for how I use the phone.

    Where I'm at Tmobile is gawd awful, ATT is the best for calls.
    12-28-10 03:55 PM
  10. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    Switching Carriers to get the latest and brightest phone is never a good idea.
    So ask yourself would you be happier with AT&T? Verizon? T-mobile or even Sprint.
    All your concerns have been addressed by the latest OS update.
    But I have to say I never had any problem with the Torch since it's launch date.

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    12-28-10 04:02 PM