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    Ok, I am completely new to the Blackberry Community. Just bought a Blackberry Torch and sent out multiple text messages today. No one received them! I don't know what I need to do. I don't know the difference between SMS, MMS, or whatever else there may be. I NEED HELP!!!

    01-01-11 08:27 PM
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    I have no idea why your friends didn't get your txts...
    As long as your phone is activated and you can call people you should be ok. I would call your service provider if your still having trouble with that.

    On the other hand:
    SMS-short messaging service (text)
    MMS-Mulitmedia messaging service (picture/video/160+ Characters messages)
    BBM-Blackberry messenger You didn't mention it but it is a blackberry to blackberry messenger already installed on your blackberry (using your pin number)
    PIN-Essentially the same thing as BBM use your pin to pin (blackberry to blackberry) but you don't need the application called bbm
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    01-01-11 08:33 PM
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    SMS and MMS do not need BIS to work. SMS is just up to 160 characters of text sent to another user and this is done over the voice network. If you attach a pic or video to a txt message, that is sent over the data network and is called MMS. Are these features added to your profile? If you look at the Text message list, if the device failed to send there will be a red "x" on the right side if it failed and a "check" if the message was sent.

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    01-01-11 08:36 PM