1. wahmed's Avatar

    I think this is a bug in new BB Torch.

    When I go to "Text Messages" icon, I see that sometimes the date on a conversation does not match with the date of the most recent message inside that conversation. e.g. It can be reproduced as follows:

    If I have a conversation with someone which contains text messages both from today and yesterday (i.e. two different days), and I delete all messages from today (the recent day) so that the conversation only contains yesterday's messages, the conversaton date would still be todays instead of yesterdays. Some one may argue that it's a feature saying that conversation date reflects the last time it was modified but i think it's a bug and I also found a workaround. If after deleting all today's messages in that conversation, i type a new text message and do not send it but go back to text messages screen so that it would save it. Then if i go back to that saved message and delete the saved message then the conversation date is correctly updated to yesterday's date. Does any one else has this problem or it's only me.

    10-15-10 08:23 PM