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    background info
    New to Blackberry but not new to smartphones in general, mostly used symbian devices since 04.

    In all other phones that ive used, when you send a text message there are two time stamps, a sent time and a received time. this is for both sent and received messages. Dont need to patronise you guys with the difference in the two times, all i ask is where is these time stamps on blackberry?

    I have delivery reports on so get the little D in the tick box when i send a message but it doesn't say the time delivered just the time sent and when receiving messages it doesn't say the time sent, just the time received. Ive tried looking in the actually message inbox and still nothing. do you know where i can find these times/how to turn them on for the main conversation?

    BTW using the BB 9800 on FW v6.0.0.246.

    thanx in advance
    11-22-10 07:06 PM
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    I don't believe its possible nativly, if it is I've never found it. Perhaps lthere is a third party app that would do thi? I'm sure someone in the know would know.

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    11-22-10 07:26 PM
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    no one knows??
    this cant be something new or unheard off on BB, its a feature of featurephones!!!!!
    11-24-10 12:47 PM
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    I have a BB 9700 Bold and it has this problem also. My monochrome LCD Nokia phone could tell when a message was sent. The info must be there - maybe I can write an app or maybe someone has? Or maybe the BB OS discards it before exposing the message the API level? I can code JAVA. Does anyone know how I find out how to write BB apps. This problem is a disaster!
    01-21-11 03:11 PM
  5. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    BlackBerry devices work differently than other devices.
    01-21-11 05:12 PM