07-15-11 06:41 PM
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    RIM most likely partnered with AT&T because they sell more BB than any other carrier. Device exclusivity is negotoated between the two companies involved. Is that fair or does it make good business sense to the layperson? As long as there is a legally binding contract, that's the end of the story. It would appear highly unlikely that TMO will get the Torch.

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    08-30-10 06:10 AM
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    Well whatever happenes I hope they get it soon or the new bold 9780

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    09-11-10 05:58 PM
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    The 9800 does support AWS frequencies;

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry | Wireless Handheld Devices, Software & Services from Research In Motion (RIM)

    I can't wait for the AWS version to be released. Seeing how there are only 2 AWS carriers in the world, I assume I'll have to wait till AT&T deal runs out before they release it in Canada.

    I kno this msg is sum time ago...this is wat i was looking into today...and not having much luck...im confuzzled...the aws version is a completely different phone or is it jus a OS upgrade...or AWS Band is sumthin in the hardware....??
    I hav 2 torches that i want to unlok and switch carriers...but it was looking like it was not possible for the torch(canada) to b AWS ready...
    sorry for sonding so dense...lol..im not into the specs of network gibberish...lol
    07-15-11 05:16 PM
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    The radio chips in the phone are physically capable of all the 3G bands. However, when the phone is branded for a carrier at the factory, the ROMs are programmed to use only that carrier's 3G frequencies. Just like the ROMs are programmed with the PIN and IMEI.

    If an AWS carrier offered the Torch, the phone could be unlocked to use on another carrier's AWS 3G. I know of no AWS carrier offering the Torch.

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    07-15-11 06:41 PM
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