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    Hey all, I tried searching, so hopefully I'm not asking an already asked question.

    I was a RIM event and they gave everyone a shiny new Torch. I don't know if we all got them, but I got a european model. Seems to be no different that I can tell, booted up into English and all that.

    However, AT&T seems to be at a loss for adding it to the network. It came completely unlocked/unbranded, and the IMEI comes up on their end (I'm told) 'unknown device'

    I spent about 3 hours on the phone with them and finally was simply told by one gal, well you probably just can't be on the AT&T network with that device. Seemed odd to me, that that was the case, so figured I'd ask the experts.

    I tried creating a new account at att.blackberry.net and the signup form said, no thank you. when I gave it my PIN and IMEI.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to use this as an email device
    10-31-10 06:02 PM