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    I apologize if this has been asked before but I have not found a satisfactory thread on the topic:

    The bottom line is that I would like to have my Blackberry phone and Outlook (email, contacts, and calendar) synced up automatically without me having to plug my Blackberry into my laptop every night. That's just plain ghetto. What I would like is that when I put an appointment in my Outlook Calender, it shows up my phone. If i'm on the road away from home and I delete an event from my Blackberry, it will also be deleted from my Outlook program at my home office.

    I know this is possible because I had it back in 2006 while working at a major financial company, but I think they paid thousands to have an "enterprise server".

    My current situation is that I have

    1. A new Blackberry Torch (9800?)
    2. MS outlook 2010 on my laptop
    3. A custom domain name and email service (I won't be using a Yahoo or Gmail address)
    4. No money. I am not paying 4800 dollars for some BES server or overpowered fancy software.

    What is a free or low cost solution that would tie Outlook to my Blackberry wirelessly? Are there apps that aid this?
    07-27-11 09:02 PM
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    I'm not sure if this will meet your needs, since I don't know what you consider "low cost" and you don't want to use a separate email, but I have been using Companion Link to do the same thing. I paid $120 or so for a version that lets me sync more than one account (there is a cheaper version for using only one account). I sync both my home and work contacts and appointments with a gmail account, and Companion Link automatically syncs the changes with my Torch. So far, seems to work great.

    I have also tried software Syncamatic, but wasn't quite as impressed with it and couldn't get it to work the way I wanted.
    07-27-11 09:42 PM
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    Gmail will do it if you upgrade to their business apps account for $50 per year per email address. All it requires is setting up a program on your pc that sync Outlook's calendar and contacts with information on Google servers, then installing the gmail plugin on your Blackberry. They have full support and I have done it for my domain and several customers before. Super easy and great support. Easiest/cheapest way I know of.

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    07-28-11 07:02 AM