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    When i'm on the home screen and i go the switch application, there are 5 applications there such as Home, Phone, Browser, BBM and Messages. Is there a way i can close those permanently? I don't want them acting as shortcuts as they may play a part of using my battery life up. I've tried to close the Browser, but when i check it's still in list of 5 apps running, so the "close" option doesn't really close the app.

    01-07-11 04:24 AM
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    There's no way just live with it,I tried to remove the BBM a while ago and found no way.

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    01-07-11 04:31 AM
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    These are Core OS functions, there is no way to shut them down. Think of it this way, If you shut your phone application down, how would you receive calls? Same goes for all the others as well. BBm used to be able to be deleted from the device but it has been incorporated into the core OS, even if you uninstall it from the app list it is still there in essence.

    The 5 you cannot close are: Phone, BBM, Browser, Messages, and Home.
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    01-07-11 06:02 AM