1. Stevebubble's Avatar
    Ever since BIS 3.2 came out I have been having problems syncing my torch contacts with gmail, for some reason it would only sync 15 out of 60odd contacts.
    On Sunday I decided enough was enough and removed all my contacts, deletd the gmail contacts service book and then set my phone to sync my contacts with my yahoo account instead, but I still sync my calendar with gmail.

    Anyway since doing this my battery life has more than doubled and I dont really understand why. Previously my battery would just about make it through the day and monitoring my battery life with meterberry I used to average between 4-5% battery use an hour. Now my usage is hovering around 1.2% an hour. I last charged it about 42 hours ago and I still have 41% battery left. I'm very impressed.

    I cant believe syncing my contatcs with google was abusing my battery so much.
    11-02-10 05:01 AM
  2. RezaBerry's Avatar
    I'm also having problem syncing my contact with gmail. I assume that would one reason my battery life is not so good. gonna do the same as you did.
    thanks for sharing!
    11-02-10 05:36 AM