1. Deathcommand's Avatar
    I had a dream, and in the dream i Had an 9800.
    It was an 9800 but it had a trackball instead of the trackpad.
    about screen had 9870 i think.
    and... It was running 5.0
    I want a 9830 now. If it will be a world phone on sprint
    Can someone confirm?
    The reason i Ask id because it looks like the style will be on sprint and i dont think RIM will release 2 phones at the same time to a specific cellular service so..

    I really want the 9830 (if there will be one) is there anything lately about it?
    I know that one of the leakgods put something about it but other than that i have no heard anything.
    09-12-10 07:46 AM