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    I finally figured out that the charger for the Storm is much different than the one I had for the Torch.

    The one that came in the box is the 'fixed blade micro USB charger' which I eventually realized you have to plug the USB cord into and then plug the cord into the phone. That being said, it still isn't ideal and the cords keep getting loose.

    The guy at the store said I could use my old Storm 2 wall charger, but my Storm 2 had a TERRIBLE battery life (which is why I switched) and I hope it isn't a faulty charger that messed that battery up. If it did, I don't want to use it on the new Torch.

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    01-27-11 06:33 PM
  2. frisco49ers's Avatar
    If it is a micro usb charger it will work with both phones

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    01-27-11 07:47 PM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    I finally figured out that the charger for the Torch is much different than the one I had for the Torch.
    Can you elaborate on this a bit?
    01-27-11 07:56 PM
  4. Murtz316's Avatar
    yikes, sorry meant the storm charger is different from torch. My bad.
    01-27-11 08:59 PM
  5. ridesno159's Avatar
    The Storm charger is exactly the same as the Torch one, so I'm not sure why you say that. They are both micro-usb chargers.

    What issues are you having? I don't quite understand... Didn't you get a wall charger with your Torch?
    01-27-11 09:32 PM
  6. Murtz316's Avatar
    No, that's just it. I didn't get a wall charger.

    I got 2 separate pieces. The USB cord which plugs one end into the BB and the other into the fixed blade USB charger which then goes in the wall

    The storm came with a straight-up wall charger that plugged right into the phone and into the wall (no need for the USB wire).

    I am concerned that my old storm charger was faulty and zapped my storm battery so I am reluctant to use it on my new torch for fear it will zap that battery as well but I hate the the fixed blade/cord charger the torch came with.

    So my question is, do you think the charger for the storm is connected at all to my storm battery sucking so badly? If not, then I will just use that charger on the Torch

    01-27-11 09:39 PM
  7. pbflash's Avatar
    What's wrong with the one that came with the Torch? I haven't had any problems with mine. If you think the one form the storm may be faulty then don't use it. Better safe than sorry.
    01-27-11 09:43 PM
  8. Murtz316's Avatar
    was the one that came with your torch the fixed blade style?
    01-27-11 09:45 PM
  9. pbflash's Avatar
    Yes. That's what they all come with.
    01-27-11 09:49 PM