1. griswell's Avatar
    First the particulars. I have a BB Torch 9810, OS 7.1. I have wifi calling set to "preferred". We live in a dead zone, so wifi is a must. I am the only BB user in my family. Everyone else can call and text using our wifi with no problem (Our modem/router is an ATT Netgear) and even on MY phone our wifi shows up with full bars.

    If I am at another location, and using their wifi (my home is the only place the BB will not make calls over the wifi) it will show the wifi network and the mobile network side-by-side in the service status area. Such as "T-Mobile - McDonald's Wifi" or "T-Mobile - The Anderson Family". When I am at my house, what shows up is "Searching for network - ATT Wifi" and when I try to text or call anyone, the call fails and the text just stays in the little red "clock" stage forever.

    I have another Blackberry here also that I don't use anymore (A Bold 9700) and it's the same way as above. If I call AT&T, they say that since all the other phones work, the problem is Blackberry. If I call Blackberry, they say that since my phone works everywhere on wifi BUT at my home, then the problem is obviously AT&T's wifi. I'm so frustrated. What's going on?
    09-03-13 11:07 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Well I didn't have the wifi problem when I had my 9810, but I did have signal issues, but only at home. Everywhere else was fine. Everyone else's phone was fine.
    So I had the same thing back and forth between BB and ATT. Finally ATT agreed to send me a signal booster, and that worked. Something in my house was affecting my signal on my phone. Which is weird because it was only my phone that had the problem

    Also...my wifi signal was not the best with Netgear router....I got an Asus and all is well.

    Not fixing your issue I know, but maybe can help in some way....maybe ask for a wifi booster?
    09-04-13 11:58 AM
  3. griswell's Avatar
    Well, see that's the thing. I can have the phone sitting right next to the router, and I will have a full and powerful Wifi signal (of course) but it will still say "searching for network". If my signal was bad, I'd agree this might be an issue, but I'm getting signal loud-and-proud. The Blackberry just won't use the signal as an active calling avenue.

    Here's another weird thing. Sometimes is DOES work! One day out of seven, for about an hour, I will look and see that it HAS found it. The little "Wifi Calling" icon pops up the top right, and it will stay there for a golden thirty minutes, then "poof", gone.
    09-05-13 10:46 PM
  4. hubermania's Avatar
    If your 9810 is able to establish a Wi-Fi Calling connection for a "golden 30 minutes" at a time, that's good! It proves the phone is able to establish the VPN tunnel for WFC through the router. Now it's a matter of maintaining that connection. Fortunately Crackberry members long ago discovered a handful of Wi-Fi settings that can be tweaked on the router to maintain a stable UMA/WFC connection. See the post below:
    You can ignore the verbiage about call handoffs/handovers, that only pertains to UMA.

    Make sure your router isn't clashing with others on the same channel. On your BB go to Options->Networks and Connections->Wi-Fi Network. Click Menu->Troubleshoot, choose Site Survey, click Menu->Start Scan. You want your router to be the only one using that channel -- typically 1, 6, or 11.

    The "Searching for Network" just means the phone is searching your dead zone for a cell tower. It'll do that whether or not you're on WFC.
    09-09-13 01:55 PM

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