1. chinoxs203's Avatar
    I used to be able to to on my 8900 just press the back button when I was getting a call or on email notification and the sound would stop but now it dose not with my torch. Even as I am tyiping this I get and email and the phone vibs and then makes a noise. On 214.

    Is it a different key I need to press I have tried all I think
    10-05-10 03:34 PM
  2. Mikey52's Avatar
    On a call, there should be an Icon that say's ringer off. I'm on .246 and it's there.
    You can also push the end key and it will send them to voicemail. As far as emails, mine just beep so I never have to worry about it.. Not sure why you would set an email to "ring" for a prolonged period of time.
    10-05-10 03:40 PM
  3. FineWolf's Avatar
    On the top-right of the phone, you have the mute button (opposite site of the lock button). It also stops the current alert from finishing.
    10-05-10 05:03 PM