1. lcwright1964's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    This thread, pertaining to the 9700, refers exactly to what I am experiencing with my new Torch:


    It seems to have come up in the last week or so, even though I have had the phone less than a month. It seems to be random and unexpected--basically, navigating the cursor with the trackpad just gets frozen for no particular reason, though the touchscreen still works fine. Holding the button down few a few seconds may clear the problem, but not always.

    I never had this problem with the 9700, and I am getting the impression it is not common. Is anyone seeing it on the Torch? Is this a software issue or does it seem the hardware is defective?

    Grateful for firsthand experience.

    11-12-10 11:39 PM
  2. bbicons's Avatar
    Which OS version do you have on there? I did get a few trackpad hang ups on the .141 OS... Press it a couple times and it unlocks. The issue is pretty rare. My phone and trackpad have been flawless on .246 and higher, i'm using .337 right now (excellent btw).

    I'd probably consider swapping out the device at ATT just in case it is a hardware issue then upgrade it to .337
    11-12-10 11:47 PM
  3. ssbtech's Avatar
    Stick a piece of cloth between your thumb and trackpad (like your shirt) and see if it "sticks".
    11-13-10 01:05 AM
  4. homer1475's Avatar
    I would say you have hardware problems. Trackpad on my torch is rock solid with no issues of freezing. I know there was some people having problems with them and they took them back and now there all working fine.
    11-13-10 06:01 AM