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    i have bold 9700 (os6.0.358) and i love the phone but sometimes i wished i had a bigger screen (especialy when im web browsing), so i tought that Torch could be the solution.

    but after reading some reviews and opinions about the torch there are things that i dislike such as poor battery life and an inferior physical keyboard.
    i read that maybe next year RIM could release my perfect BB...something like a 9780 inside a 9000 body.
    Are these rumours true?????
    should i stick to 9700 for another couple of months and wait for the future 9900 or go right away and buy the torch

    11-29-10 04:48 PM
  2. GG1's Avatar
    Reviews and opinions are just that......someone else's opinion and not yours. Go test a Torch out for yourself and see if you like it or not as nobody can answer that question but yourself. Every phone/platform has issues so don't look for a perfect phone cause you will be looking a long time. As for the 9900, I don't know if and when it will be out so I guess its up to you if you can wait or not. Best thing to do is to get a Torch in your hands and you might get your answer right there and then.
    Good luck.

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    11-29-10 05:16 PM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    GG1 is totally correct, but the 9000TS should be out by q3 next year or sooner
    11-29-10 05:48 PM