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    Hi folks,

    I've had my Torch for about a month now and mostly enjoy it. One bit that's driving me nuts though is speed dialing. I understand I can slide out the keyboard to speed dial, but is there not a touch based method available?

    On my old HTC Touch when you hit the Send button a view came up with thumbnail view of 9 selected contacts which made it very quick and easy to dial. Is there anything like this on the Torch that I'm just not seeing? I'd love to just stick a contact into my Favourites folder, but I don't see a way to do this either.
    02-04-11 12:13 PM
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    You can assign a speed dial to the numbers 2-9 on the touch screen phone dial. Gently press and hold your finger on a number and then assign a contact.
    #1 is reserved for voice mail.

    edit: You can also go to a contact (select but do not open the contact) and then, press the menu key and select 'show on homescreen'
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    02-04-11 12:24 PM
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    Yea use the virtual phone dial.

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    02-04-11 01:10 PM