1. tcseacliff's Avatar
    I have a question for torch users. how do you change names on the speed dial list once you place them? seems once you put them there you can't touch then again or you dial that person? I am now stuck with names where I don't want them. this phone should have came with a book!!
    12-01-10 09:14 AM
  2. mjlin2002's Avatar
    From your home screen, hit the Green call button.
    Select on the bottom of the screen the View Speed Dial List.
    Scroll with the trackpad to the name you want to change.
    Hit delete on the keyboard or hit Menu and then Delete.
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    12-01-10 12:06 PM
  3. tcseacliff's Avatar
    WOW ! how noob can i get?!! thank you. I am getting the hang of this phone, am so not used to touching the screen. I love the trackpad wish my bold had that. but this OS is too good to go back, so have to keep learning. sometimes these things make you feel so dumb!!
    12-01-10 07:24 PM