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    My Torch recently stated making sound alerts for e-mails when the Torch is in the holster and it is turned OFF!

    Sound alerts for e-mails are programmed to occur, both in and out of holster, but I do not expect the sound alerts to occur when the Torch is turned off.

    I have had three previous BB's, and never experienced this behavior.

    The only new software on the Torch is BerryWeather. I may temporarily remove it and see if the symptom persists.

    Have you experienced this (unusual) behavior?

    Solution? (Other than turning off e-mail sound alerts)
    09-16-10 10:22 AM
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    OK, I have a Storm, so bear with me here, as things may not be 100% the same...

    First, the BB has (essentially) 3 modes:

    - normal operation

    - standby -- which is a really nothing more than a locked screen/keyboard mode. You'll still continue to get messages/alerts/etc based on your profile settings, but the screen and keyboard will be locked to prevent accidental input

    - Powered Off -- which is really more of a "hibernate" mode. The device saves settings to memory and shuts down all other functions in order to use very minimal battery power. Because the memory is left intact, some battery power will still be consumed, but the device will be able to come back online very quickly.

    My guess? You're only putting the device in standby/locked mode, and not completely powering it down.

    On the Storm, if you press the power button (on the top of the device) quickly, it locks the screen, if you hold it down for a few seconds it powers the device down.
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    09-16-10 10:38 AM
  3. k6rim's Avatar
    No - the Torch is exhibiting this behavior when it is completely powered down.
    09-16-10 10:58 AM
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    take it back and tell them it's haunted?

    k6rim - cqdx?
    09-16-10 11:16 AM
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    Solution: Disable (or delete) SmartWifi.

    SmartWifi caused the problem. Apparently, the developer is now aware of the issue, but hasn't yet fixed it.
    10-31-10 09:52 AM