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    Some of my wife's friends where talking about the security of the BB being so outstanding. One went so far to say that if her Torch was locked that if it was stolen that nobody could use it period. Without the password the phone would be render useless for now on. I tried to explain to her that if though I could get information from the phone that she had locked away, but if I had stole her phone I could still use it. She got upset and bet me $50 to her Torch that I couldn't put my sim card in her Torch and make a phone call after she locked it.
    Well now I have another Torch. She's only had it a month. I wasn't going to take it but she accused me of cheating and I didn't play fair. I warned her before hand that I was going to do this just as if I had really stole the phone to do what I wished to do with it. I was even nice enough to let her make a backup before I started.
    Here it is. I believe that mostnof the stolen devices is for personual use that includes to sell it. Only a small fraction is for information theift. So what I done was wipe it and reinstalled the os and the phone was like brand new again. She thinks that is cheating. That somehow theifs are hackers. My opinion is a theif is some who steals what they want. Oh well I'll restore it for her alittle later and give it back tonite

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    02-02-11 05:20 PM
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    That's a hilarious story. Nice of you to give the Torch back to her even if she obviously lost.
    02-02-11 05:58 PM
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    Now that works for personal use but if she happened to be on BES, you would have lost as an IT policy is not overridden by removing the SIM. Yes after so many attempts it would wipe then ou can reinstall the OS to your liking and have a new device plus any info left on the media card.

    Great story.
    02-02-11 06:05 PM
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    Don't sweat it!! I love it when a smart a$$ ***** that doesn't know anything gets it handed to her/him self.
    Good work echo!

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    02-02-11 08:09 PM
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    Thanks yall. I don't know if it was fluke or what. When I restored her phone it was unlocked. So I'm going to try to backup mine locked then restore it to see of it restores to unlocked position. Bbl

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    02-02-11 08:39 PM
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    lol i love proving people wrong like that...i would've given it back too...good job
    02-03-11 08:57 AM