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    Hi guys,
    I just used my new Torch for couple of days, and I've noticed some issues which i want to make sure if it's something to do with the latest OS or is it something wrong with my device.

    Well, i experienced some freezing which can be ignored, but sometimes when i press back , or del buttons in a txt field it just add some characters in the field.and this happened when im trying to unlock entering my my password as well.
    and also couple of times it went off and wouldnt turn on unless i pull the battery and put it back.

    even the freezings r not very much acceptable given the much larger RAM it has ( i upgraded to torch from Bold 9000 )

    So i wud like get the ideas of u guys experiencing similar problems before i complain Orange (my network).

    BTW, these problems r no way preventing me loving my new BB , i have no idea to go for any other device
    10-16-10 05:52 AM
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    Not sure why you put this in the OS6 forum, but it sounds like a defective phone. Take it back, get a replacement.

    I work as a computer hardware tech, and if anyone walked in with a laptop having those problems, I'd be replacing a keyboard and/or motherboard.

    If I had to guess, I'd say someone managed to get a phone with water damage past a store employee, and they turned around and gave it to you. Now, fortunately for you, you have no hard evidence of water damage, so you can neglect to mention that when you take it back and maintain a clear conscience. Because the sad reality is that if you try and be the good samaritan here, you're likely going to end up stuck with a defective phone. Mention suspected water damage, the store will assume you caused the damage, and refuse to replace the phone most likely. So unfortunately this device will likely get passed around to people in your part of the UK until some store employee finally does more than just wipe the device and clean it off for reuse, and notices that there's something wrong with it.
    10-16-10 09:45 AM
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    Definitely defective. I suggest to go get a replacement immediately. Glad you like the Torch. I've been loving mind for 2 weeks now.
    10-16-10 02:25 PM
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    Not sure why you put this in the OS6 forum, but it sounds like a defective phone. Take it back, get a replacement.
    Agree, but I am guessing that the reason he put it here is because he reasoned that it is/might be an OS6 issue and since these are the "combined" OS6 forums...

    I still can not fathom why it makes sense to throw all of the different phone questions regarding OS6 up here in one clusterfx of a forum. When we are looking for Torch, 9650, 9700, 9330, etc etc specific performance info or problem info regarding OS6 for example we end up having to weed thru tons of other device postings (as does everyone else). Furthermore, if you look at many of the threads here they have titles such as "Why is the os6 leak so slow?!" "Are there a lot of broken apps?" "Nothing in Download Bar".... etc, etc. To which many of us think "for what device?" This is because many of these threads were transferred here from device specific forums where it was understood that the poster was referring to a 9700 or 9300 or whatever. Now the threads have to be clicked on and read thru a bit before we even know whether it might refer to something that is useful to the research we might be attempting for a specific phone. Sorry folks, I absolutely love this board but this is just not rational in terms of information organization IMO. Oh well.

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    10-16-10 05:03 PM
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    Thanks for ur advice guys, and my phone surely is defective coz today it started messing by itself. anyway its gng back and im getting a replacement tomorrow.

    And i'm sorry if my post was in wrong place, and created some misunderstandings.
    The reason for me to tag it with OS 6 and Torch is because I thought the problems might be with the new OS having some bugs. So i wanted to clarify if there r any issues with OS 6 or if it's one off case with my phone being defective.

    I agree with u guys, the phone i got is defective, and I called Orange and asked for a replacement which they agreed to send tomorrow.
    10-18-10 08:24 AM
  6. aerogems's Avatar
    No worries. Hopefully the new phone will be better. Just remember some people abuse the crap out of a phone, then return it to the carrier who will then turn around and send it to someone else after cleaning it off and it seems to turn on and boot up. Hopefully you'll avoid that, but just remember that it's more likely an issue with lazy/cheap carriers than anything to do with the overall quality of the phone.
    10-18-10 12:07 PM
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    Very easy to rectify the forum placement issue

    Moving to 9800 Forum

    And I agree sounds like hardware!
    10-18-10 01:49 PM
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    Good news ! i got a replacement phone last night, and it is a brand new one in the box as they mentioned
    And I dont exeperience any of those issues now.
    ( i've got additional headset and and data cable now coz i had to return only the charger )
    But i dnt understand how they ship this great phone such cheap looking accessories , headset given with Bold was much better and even the cable on the charger looks very cheap. only thing looks solid is the small data cable.
    10-20-10 07:17 AM