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    Hey everyone-

    I've been browsing the forums for a long time now, finally made an account and I was just wondering if anyone experienced these kinds of bugs and had any fixes for them, as well as a couple other questions.

    I'm running .337 on my 9800, I've been one to do OS updates leaked or not the day I see them just because I grow tired of some of the bugs I experience, just like everyone else.

    However, on .337, things I didn't notice before-

    -if i use a launcher app that takes me to a website on the internet(ESPN, Bank of America, etc.) the browser opens two tabs; one being the site I was launching to, and the other being the main blackberry.com browser page? weird. didn't do this to me before .337

    -from time to time, i'm unable to send pictures i take to facebook. it's random, completely. unless someone can tell me otherwise.

    -my battery life is absolutely horrible. i'm 20 years old so granted i'm probably in the top 20% of users as far as heavy use goes, but my wifi is virtually never on, i'm very concious of what apps are running at any given time(standard 5 + OCCASIONALLY facebook) ... i get 14-15 hours out of the battery. what?!

    -it probably isn't only me, but what in the world is going on when my phone just for whatever reason is slower than dirt and cannot figure out for the life of itself what to do about it? i do occasional battery pulls, but recently its been in the first day or so after a pull. it's pretty snappy the rest of the time.


    now that that's done, i love my torch, and am just curious to see if anyone has these problems/has fixes.

    12-26-10 12:14 AM
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    1 your browser is set to open the homepage.
    Fix. I don't know.

    2. Facebook app sucks.
    Fix. Wait. -_- we need FB to be stable again..

    3. Theoretically wifi (while connected) will be better on the battery.

    4. 14-15 is probably normal.

    5.Hold your BB button and see what is running. Sometimes some apps demand a buttload of ram. If not check your app memory.

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    12-26-10 12:21 AM
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    Thanks, i'm really surprised that 14-15 is normal. I don't expect 4 days or anything, but wow this has been quite the departure from my 9700.

    Yeah, I'll have to look into app memory, perhaps OS shrinking, idk. Not really fond of screwing with OS beyond installing leaks, not sure if the process has changed after bricking a phone since getting rit of a 3rd party IT policy during my 8310 days haha i sure had fun doing that.

    EDIT: I have 269mb of app memory available at the time being... that's reasonable, I assume. I feel like that's nothing compared to what I've seen.
    12-26-10 12:47 AM
  4. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    Most of us Bold 9650 heavy users would give an eye tooth for 14-15 hours of life from the standard battery. Most of us buy extended batteries.
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    12-26-10 01:00 AM
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    point taken. I guess I just feel that batteries should be a little better at this point, but i guess you sacrifice battery life for performance.
    12-26-10 01:02 AM
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    For the browser, they going to options and select start page instead of home page and change the home page url to google.com for example.

    For the battery thing, that's actually a pretty good length for heavy usage. i'm a heavy user as well so i'm quite satisfied with the battery life I get with the torch. All I do is plug it into the charger at night and put into bedside mode and wake up in the morning with a fully charged phone and an unintterrupted good night sleep. Hope this helped and good luck

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    12-26-10 02:00 AM
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    14 hours of battery life is fairly normal. Try an iphone or ipod touch...I bought my niece one for Christmas and I'm on my second recharge already. They should just come with an extension cord.
    12-26-10 07:22 AM