1. remlle's Avatar
    hello. I love my torch but have a few quesitons for the vetrans.
    1 shouldnt smart dialing work on the on-screen dialer? i mean cant I type 323 and have it know I want dad. this is how almost all other touchscreen dialers work. did i miss a setting or does this not work?

    2 does google maps work on the 9800? i cant see it in the app world.

    thanks in advance.
    08-22-10 11:16 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I don't understand your dialing question. You can download Google Maps directly from h t t p://mobile.google.com
    08-22-10 11:23 AM
  3. remlle's Avatar
    I don't understand your dialing question. You can download Google Maps directly from h t t p://mobile.google.com
    what I mean is If I dial 323. looking at the keypad on the phone it is the abc def buttons. thus spelling out dad on a t9 keypad. On previous touch screen phones this would work. the phone kinda guesses at the names your trying to spell out using t9. so 323 could be dad or others.

    Im sure there are others out there who have used the inferior Iphone or android phones who know what Im talking about.
    08-22-10 12:13 PM
  4. Qwikhas's Avatar
    My work around for the dialing issue was to program a number with a number i wanted there. So #3 would be for dad on my phone.
    08-22-10 12:54 PM
  5. remlle's Avatar
    yea speed dial would work for a few people but with several hundred names with numbers kinda impossible.
    08-22-10 01:30 PM
  6. jeffh's Avatar
    If you have your father listed as Dad in the Address Book, you can do it this way:
    Press the Phone button. Start typing Dad. You'll see the entries that match.
    08-22-10 05:29 PM
  7. remlle's Avatar
    that would work if I had the sliding keyboard open. i want to do it using the Dial pad on screen
    08-22-10 05:49 PM
  8. RobTorchBerry's Avatar
    I was also wondering about the ability to start typing a name via the touchscreen dial pad and have it automatically start displaying matches from my contacts as I type. I had an HTC HD2 and had really liked this feature a lot. To me this should be the norm on any touchscreen phone!

    On the torch, the closest to simulating this that I have found, is to select the contacts tab after pressing the phone answer key, touch the area that the name or number will be typed, then use the menu key to enable reduced keyboard. This selection, once made, will become the default view afterwards (but in other apps as well). This reduced keyboard allows for easier typing and thus make it easier to match names in contact list as you type while in the contacts tab. The down side to this is that once you change to full keyboard in any application, this view will become the default keyboard. This would mean having to go through these steps again, which kind of defeats the purpose of making dialing simple and fast.

    Don't know if anyone has been able to use the dial pad to automatically match contact names while typing a contact name on the dial pad. The dial pad appears to be reserved strictly for entering numbers only. My HTC HD2 would simply display the numbers as I type as well as show matches in contacts. If there is no names matching the number, I can simply dial the number entered. How simple and convenient!

    Appreciate hearing from others.

    11-29-10 11:34 PM