02-04-11 06:22 PM
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    It might be laughable to some more than others. I took my 1st Torch in to Baka Wireless (Bell) for the loose slider and they DOA'd it on the spot, no questions asked.
    Some people can live with it and for some it's too annoying. Don't judge.

    IMO these are not technically fixes or repairs. They merely mask the problem.
    I would take your Torch in to Bell and see what they say. One thing I would caution you on is asking for a different colour. I think it may make them suspicious that it is the reason you are wanting a replacement.

    Good luck
    Yea, I walked in the store earlier today, and I tested a brand new one from a box, and it does have a little play, side by side, but no play in wiggle!

    Since it was a franchise store, they didn't want to exchange it... so I'll be going where I got it to change it!

    I'll keep the same color, I was just curious!

    The Bell representative that I talked to, clearly saw the difference between the 2 phones, the brand new one, and mine... I know its a slider phone, but its also 600$... shouldn't we get something of quality?

    02-04-11 08:58 AM
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    What's the difference between side to side play and wiggle? You seem to be treating them as two different things, whereas I was assuming they were the same...
    02-04-11 06:22 PM
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