1. skyranger112's Avatar
    Hi All, first time on here.
    I hope the question about my problem is clear?
    I have a 9800 Torch. All is generally okay but 2 very irritating problems I hope someone can help me with. Here goes…

    1. I have a hotmail account imported into Outlook 2003 on my desktop computer.
    I use the calendar from the ‘personal’ folders that are contained within the outlook programme. (I don’t use the ‘hotmail account’ calendar, never have done).
    The calendar appears on my 9800 okay (even though it is listed under my email address??) but it’s very, very slow to respond when any changes, additions are made or when tapping the ‘Today’ button.
    The whole phone freezes for anywhere between 20 and 40 seconds. Then tends to ‘free’ itself until I need it to do something else. It’s just as though the processor isn’t up to the job.
    It’s driving me up the wall. Vodafone have replaced it but the replacement is exactly the same.
    Does anyone else have/had this problem and if so, can it be fixed before I skim the blooming thing across a lake!? Thanks!

    2. I have a 16gb memory card fitted and some, not all, of my movies lose sound or stop for a long time when playing, especially if I change the volume as it’s playing. Any ideas?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. I’m not great at the technical stuff so ‘simplicity’ would need to be the order of the day! lol

    Thanks All

    12-07-10 08:12 PM
  2. avmsam's Avatar
    the calendar app has also been very unresponsive and slow for me since the day i got the torch. i'm on my 3rd torch now and using a newer OS and still very slow for the calendar app.
    12-07-10 09:22 PM