1. rangeflyer's Avatar
    Does anybody have any information about getting Sling onto your 9800 ? The SlingMedia website says it doesn't support the Torch. Thanks.
    12-05-10 07:21 PM
  2. midnightmax's Avatar
    I switched over my slingplayer from my 9700 and transferred to my 9800. It does not open in portrait mode. You need to open in landscape and then you can switch over to portrait if you want and it will still work.

    The sizing is also a bit off, but if you are in landscape and hit the full screen button, you do actually get to view it in full screen. Just have to play around with it.

    I'm running v

    There is lots of support on this forum and Howard forums just search.
    12-05-10 07:49 PM
  3. kyleresq's Avatar
    There's a whole thread about it on Crackberry as well as the Slingplayer Forum page.

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    12-06-10 06:52 PM
  4. gsolo516's Avatar
    Can someone please help me.... I recently bought a BB Torch and have been reading about how folks have been able to run Slingmedia mobile player on them by transferring the installed files from a Bold installation package.

    I have read about ways in which folks have been able to move these installed application files from their Bold to the Torch using the BB Desktop Management SW. Problem is I have no Bold, and am unable to get access to the Bold package OTA using my Torch (my phone identifies itself to the SlingMedia web site and it is game over before it starts). As background, I have had an original Slingbox for many years (classic I guess they call it now), and at one point had the mobile player for my old Samsung Blackjack a few years back.

    What I'd like to do is get the .cod files from the Bold installation package so I can move them onto my Torch and see if I can get the player running in time for the Patriots/Jets game Sunday afternoon. (turns out I need to fly cross country during game time, but plane has Wifi, and I'd like to watch (or listen in audio only if BW sucks on plane's wifi).

    Is there anyone who can send me the .cod files so I can try this out. Just asking for the 30 day trial version, not looking to do anything shady.

    Please help, and thanks.

    01-14-11 12:22 PM