10-01-10 03:34 PM
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  1. branflakes's Avatar
    My battery life has been great. Six email accounts, FB checks, text messaging, some light phone calls, and some browsing. WiFi is on, bluetooth off (don't use it). I'm almost always on 3G, though I've seen weak spots when I'm downtown.

    The first thing I did when I got the phone is lower the screen brightness to 20. It's plenty bright at that level and probably helps battery life.
    08-18-10 05:59 PM
  2. kquinn's Avatar
    I had the same problems...so I swapped the battery. Today is my first day with new battery and I still have 65% after 12 hours of moderate use. Seems like there's a good deal of horrible batteries out there.
    08-18-10 06:13 PM
  3. archpopoy's Avatar
    Same here. Got my Bell Torch with .246 yesterday and my battery's discharging at 8% an hour!

    I'll give it one more charge and I'll swap batteries...
    10-01-10 01:01 PM
  4. Rickroller's Avatar
    Same here. Got my Bell Torch with .246 yesterday and my battery's discharging at 8% an hour!

    I'll give it one more charge and I'll swap batteries...
    Ya i'm with you on that one. I started fully charged this morning at 6:30am and as we speak it's 1:30pm and i'm down to 7% left, so back on the charger it goes. Yes i have Social Feeds, but it's set to update only every 2 or 3 hrs. Berryweather is set for 3 hour updates. I made about 10mins in calls today, and some light browsing, light bbm, and light customization. No video's, no games, etc.

    I'm guessing i gots me a bum battery. I think i'm already over Best Buy's 30min talk time return policy (seriously..wtf is that about), so looks like i'll be shelling for a new battery.

    EDIT: I did have WiFi enabled during this time, and backlight set to 100%, but i can't see these 2 things draining the battery THAT heavily.
    10-01-10 02:41 PM
  5. archpopoy's Avatar
    Rickroller - Oh and about my wi-fi, it messes up my wi-fi network! It takes down the entire network whenever I connect my Torch's wi-fi. So now I don't even connect it anymore.

    Man, I'm really missing my 9700 now. haha...
    10-01-10 03:06 PM
  6. mykey2k's Avatar
    My battery was discharging at an incredible rate when I first got the Torch. I was doing quite a bit what with podcasts, reinstalling software, google maps + latitude running, twitter, facebook & rss feeds updating at their minimum refresh with maximum retrievals.

    It was so bad there were a couple times it had run itself dry (mostly because I was too lazy to get up and put it on a charger).

    I did turn off getting podcasts while not charging, latitude and set the feeds to update once an hour and it helped some.

    Then strangely one afternoon a couple weeks ago, it just stopped with it's rapid discharging after a full charge.

    Now I can go almost 36 hours without seeing a charger (less if I'm using my bluetooth headset to listen to audiobooks). I constantly have WiFi and BlueTooth on, as well as on the 3G network.

    Not saying that you may or may not have a bum battery, but be prepared a for couple weeks with a charger near-by and see what happens. I know it's not ideal to let a Li-Ion battery discharge fully, but it seemed to help ... maybe the circuitry needed a kick in the cells... No idea.
    10-01-10 03:34 PM
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