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    Another n00b conundrum.

    So as a TV photojournalist (read: camera monkey); I'd like to be able to e-mail videos I shoot w/ my Torch 9800 back to my TV station. Problem is, even a 25-second clip is a little bigger than 5 MB...and I'm told (though I don't know for sure) that 5 MB is the limit of how big an attatched file can be before AT&T'll let me e-mail it back to the home base.

    YouCast doesn't seem to be any help, 'cause it's only for phone numbers. Ditto BBFileScout, which "zipped" my file for me...suuuuure it did. My 26-second .3GP video clip went from 5.836 MB to 5.831 MB.

    Is there something I'm missing here, folks...or better yet, is there a utility out there that'll compress my files to the required size or that will just let me send them via E-mail straight from my Torch?

    Thanks for indulging this old *****.
    01-03-11 07:10 PM
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    The 3GP format is basically MPEG, which is already a compressed format. So when you try to compress something that is already compressed, you aren't going to get much compression. Depending on the format, it is even possible for the file to get bigger, because it adds the compression header to the file and can't compress the actual content.

    I don't know what will solve the problem, but I think any compression options are not going to work.
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    01-03-11 08:35 PM
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    Another issue is that the video you'd get once it's in 3GP is nothing near broadcast quality.

    While this may be a stretch, Have you tried using the YouTube app to send the video to YouTube, and then email the link to the uploaded video back to your station office, and then have someone there download it? - While it wouldn't result in much better quality video, It would possibly be a solution.
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    01-03-11 09:01 PM
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    I was never much for codecs...so thanks for the .3PG/MPEG tip.

    And yeah, I thought of the YouTube idea, but unfortunately, it's not secure. Anybody (including competing stations) could theoretically download it from YouTube and call it their own.

    As for quality...oh yeah, I knew it would stink, especially when I get my big ol' TV camera out. But still, in a pinch, it can be a useful fallback option.

    Too bad it looks like it won't be...but thanks for the help, CB Nation!
    01-03-11 09:39 PM
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    What about something like dropbox. Or I think there is another one too. You could upload the videos that way and then they could get them back at the station?

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    01-03-11 09:52 PM
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    I use dropbox alot for videos great option and its free take a look at it
    01-03-11 09:54 PM
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    Use Qik... nvm.. just saw they dont have an o6 ver

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