1. uniquest's Avatar
    I have 4 email addresses on my BIS (bell mobility)

    When I receive an email, click on reply I know I should be able to change the sending using address.

    When I press on Send Using: I'm not given the option to select my other email accounts, only the account that the email was sent to shows up, there is a drop down arrow but again no email addresses show up.

    I did search, it hasn't been that long since I used a BB I don't understand what the heck I'm doing wrong?
    10-08-10 11:14 AM
  2. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    You aren't doing anything wrong. That has always been a limitation when replying.

    Workaround, use the "forward" function and put the reply email addy in the To: field. You can choose a different account when forwarding.
    10-08-10 11:32 AM