1. mkennedy823's Avatar
    this is a torch receiving BES/Outlook messages. the user receives a new email, selects to read it, but instead, the last previously viewed email is displayed. he can then back out and reselect the newly received email and it displays correctly.

    any ideas ?
    01-06-11 08:16 AM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    Is he backing out of the last email to start with?

    If you have an email open and don't back out of it when selecting the new email it will open the last page it had open. Does this for any app, be it messages, text messages, bbm's or any app. If you don't properly back out of or close the previous page/app, when you open the app/message again it will return to where it last left off.

    By backing out I mean pressing the back button to return to the main messages or back to the homescreen, not pressing the red end button.
    01-06-11 08:23 AM
  3. mkennedy823's Avatar
    yes, i saw the weirdness happen. sitting at the inbox, email list, one new message at the top of the list. he selected the new email, but instead the email below that that he had read last opened instead. he backs out then reselects the new message and it opens correctly.
    01-06-11 08:35 AM