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    Im on I save text messages forever. When I try and go back and look at older texts I can't. It seems to only go back a certain number (not age) of texts. For instance on one person (who I don't text very much) I can go back till December when I got the phone, but another person (who I text a lot) I can only go back about two weeks. How can I view these older texts? I think they are saved, but the bubble display only shows so many texts.

    Any suggestions?
    02-23-11 04:58 PM
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    you cant. i have long BBM convos with my gf and rarely delete the convo. i notice that after long conversations, i can only go back maybe a day or so. the threads are not kept forever due, i assume, to memory. im afraid you lost your previous conversations.
    02-24-11 04:01 AM
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    I believe OP is asking about SMS texts, not BBM. But you CAN see BOTH.

    You can see the other texts (unless you have deleted them). It's easiest if you have saved them, because then you can view incoming and outgoing chronlogically. While in the message list, hit your BB button, choose "View Folder" and select the desired folder. Folder will be either your saved messages, SMS inbox, SMS outbox, etc.

    Also, you can view BBM chat history if you have set the option to save chat history. (Highlight contact in BBM, hit BB button and select "view chat history.")

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    02-24-11 05:22 AM
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    I've also seen an app that is like Undelete/Trash Can. Anything you delete, goes into it just in case you needed to check an SMS or something over again but accidentally deleted it.
    02-24-11 05:41 AM
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    VeryBold that works. I also noticed that if I changed the conversation style from "Bubbles" to "Stripes" it had the same effect.

    02-24-11 12:11 PM