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    Has anyone heard the rumor that Sprint will launch the new Torch next spring? I either read it here or on SprintUsers. Can anyone help?
    12-26-10 04:16 PM
  2. iPhoneTHS's Avatar
    As a matter of fact (looking around for spies, anyone skulking about), I have heard this rumor as well. I spoken to a co-worker who says he's heard from a "reliable" source close to the folks at Sprint; and he says within the first quarter next year, no later than the beginning of Spring (or there abouts). Personally, I'm a cautious skeptic. I've not known Sprint to release so many new phones , Blackberry's, in succession. I could be wrong, and would be happy to be as well.

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    12-26-10 06:04 PM
  3. xDAKx's Avatar
    The (usual) schedule for RIM to transition products from GSM to CDMA is (or was) 18 months, that proved itself true with the 8700 series, 8300 series and somewhat true if we consider the 8900 and 9630/50 part of the same series (as they are very similar).

    I don't personally think the rumour has much truth behind it, but then again, I've been wrong plenty times before, with the PlayBook, rumoured Storm 3 and next generation of Bold among others in the pipeline, I don't see RIM taking much time to focus on a CDMA Torch, but that's just me.
    12-26-10 07:02 PM
  4. kassdog's Avatar
    I can see there being some truth because the style didn't do to well. I personally would like to see this happen. I might even consider switching back to blackberry from android if this happened.

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    12-26-10 08:20 PM
  5. alaskanbo's Avatar
    Yes a tipster over on the Sprint forums reports a CDMA torch for Sprint is due this Feb. It will basically be the same phone as AT&T has but it will be 4G and have hotspot capability. It will not have a GSM radio so no world phone function. Which for me is fine.
    12-27-10 09:12 AM