1. euro2low's Avatar
    I read a post earlier that people said they started to have problems with their data (bbm / web) and losing 3G signal. I dont know what's been going on but the past two days, for the first time, my phone is going bonkers in and out of different signal bands. This afternoon my bbm and web browser have been very buggy and not been able to connect to the data network.
    09-25-10 04:00 PM
  2. tedzone's Avatar
    Doubtfull. I'm in Canada, but my buddy is in Florida on Att with an Att Torch. We talk on bbm and whatsapp (dependong on what phone I'm using) all the time. He's been complaining too so it's more likely a bb problem than Rogers messing with phones.

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    09-25-10 08:22 PM
  3. GavinCampbell's Avatar
    More than likely your having the BIS problem people been talking about. The phone seems to drop on and off BIS a lot. I had it also at one point.

    However since I upgraded off of 214 to the newer leaked versions I haven't had any issues with BIS connectivity. You might want to look into that. The 246 OS is really really good.
    09-25-10 09:52 PM
  4. North-Face's Avatar
    I've noticed for the past week to week and a half that the data network has been down on & off through the late afternoon, maybe every other day through the weekdays...sw ont.

    On a non bb device.
    09-25-10 11:00 PM