1. drjaaaaa's Avatar
    I am getting a Rogers blackberry torch

    anyone have experienced any issues with Rogers torch?

    does screen slider wiggle thing still happens?

    11-24-10 11:41 AM
  2. bigmann77's Avatar

    I am currently on my third blackberry torch through Rogers. I've experienced horrible luck with this device. First one had major battery issues it heated up like crazy and drained within 8 hours of light normal use, I did 2 software reloads and nothing worked. Second one had browser issues and gps errors that software reloads couldn't fix either and my browser would never open properly as well has volume key issues. My third one has keyboard issues and menu and back key problems the keys have a lot of spacing between them and the keys are very unresponsive. It has screen wobble issues as well. In reality I'm trying to live with this one, but I am VERY picky with my phones. Overall the Torch is a great phone I've tried manyyyyyyyy blackberries and devices such as android and iphone and this is my 21st phone but I wouldn't change it for anything out there currently.

    Hope that helps!!

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    11-24-10 02:26 PM
  3. lauren122688's Avatar
    my rogers phone has been great, no wiggle nothing
    11-24-10 02:56 PM
  4. habs_fan's Avatar
    mine works fine, mind you i am runing .337
    but the device is great
    11-24-10 03:13 PM
  5. ICEMAN9's Avatar
    I got the Torch when it first came to Rogers...Perfection, no issues at all and haven't had to exchange/swap

    The thing is, it has nothing to do with the carriers, there are good batches made and bad batches made
    11-24-10 07:10 PM
  6. MTLcrack_addict's Avatar
    I got my Torch about two months ago...the dreaded wiggle appeared maybe a week into owning it. I'm now on my THIRD piece of electrical tape on the rear (as per the wiggle fix) which solved the wiggle...not a huge deal, I dont really care how it looks.

    I have a bit of a keyboard squeek and BB key creak, but other than that, its OK. The phone itself works perfectly fine, the OS is a bit slow (when compared to an iPhone) and the one thing that I really HATE is how damn low this phone is! I can barely hear anything, unless I'm in a perfectly quiet environment. Really frustrating.

    Yes, I'm running .337, this is my third BB (had a Pearl, and a Bold 9000 before this), actually I have an older Curve (8300 or whatever) that I use for work and the speaker volume is WAY louder than the Torch.

    Overall, I'm not 100% on this phone, but I'd rather have it over an iPhone or Android (need my BBM, emailing capabilities and I need a keyboard).

    I'm worried to trade it in for a new one, only to get a refurbished one back, which might have WORSE build quality
    11-24-10 09:02 PM
  7. JaguarXJ7's Avatar
    All is well with mine as well running on .337
    11-24-10 09:10 PM