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    So I picked up the Torch from my local Rogers store this morning. Luckily Rogers let me upgrade early... I wasn't supposed to be able too till January 15, 2011. But I got it for the current promo price.

    I also grabbed the BB OEM belt pouch.

    Coming from an 8900 Curve this is a HUGE improvement. Picking it up there wasn't a huge difference in weight..until I picked up the Curve and compared. It sure feels like a better built and more solid device, which adds some weight for sure. But in the pocket or on the hip it feels great and I already don't notice the difference.

    The boot up time was scarily fast. And the interface is very fluid and smooth. Some things are a lil too sensitive so I think I gotta do some calibration.

    So far the only real gripe I have is that when you use the messages feed bar on the home screen you can't clear the box. you gotta go into the messages app and do it there... that or I just don't know what I'm doing. :P

    I thought I wouldn't like the keyboard, because I didn't like the 9700 that I demoed for a couple of days, but the torch keyboard is fast and responsive. It feels great, dosn't clack, and just works fantastically. I love it! Its my new favourite keyboard.

    Screen is blah... but I don't use my phone for videos and what not so I'm not too concerened.

    OS6 is interesting and a bigger departure than I thought it would be. A few things I'll have to sit down and play with, but so far I really like it and I find its a good improvement. I'll be missing my side button tho.

    I'll come back and update once I have had the phone longer and get to explore it more.

    edit: updates!

    So after a day of running with it I've started to really fall in love. Its exactly what I hoped it would be. I honestly don't care that its not an iphone or android in terms of how "pretty" and "fun" they are. This phone improves on what irritated me about my 8900, 8330, 8130's before it.

    The trackpad is new for me, but I know it's not for a lot of you... Anyways, love it.

    new browser
    browser bookmarks on favorites home screen
    sliding action
    calendar app
    global search
    camera rocks

    the lack of a free Sudoku app installed from factory.
    the max volume of the included wired headset (Bluetooth was @home) but the wired connection is stupidly quiet
    keyboard shortcuts are no longer available (a price to pay for global search)
    3G (my first experience with the tech)
    rubberized battery cover
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    It took me a few days to finally get use to the keyboard but now I'm loving it... typing like a pro I was on my Bold. But you know what, I'm finding myself using the Touch screen more than anticipated.

    Don't you just luv the Torch? Welcome
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