09-21-10 08:13 PM
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    The age old iPhone4/Torch battle to me (I have both - BB for Business)boils down to:
    Notification light, back button, real keyboard, and customizable profiles. These things make the Torch MUCH easier to use than the single button iPhone.
    I forward personal calls to the Business BB, and use the iPhone for entertainment: Netflix, finding restaurants, and Navigon GPS while traveling. With Google voice- I can get text sent to both phones.
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    tMy sister has an ip4, I'm torching it, we agree both phones rock. I'm jelouse of the multimedia, she's jelouse of the functionality. My conclusion is its a draw. Her first smartphone was iphone mines blackberry. Were both totally happy with our phones.

    People make mountains out of molehills especially on the net. You can't go wrong with either. Get what works. I'm still on the orginal OS(thanks to apple) and have ZERO complaints.

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    Heh. Thought you meant you were going to burn your sister's phone. I agree with the rest of the post though.

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    I hear people talking about features. This feature versus that feature. I'm talking about claiming to perform a function that the phone does not perform. The debate over which is best to me is based on the fact that both phones do not perform as advertised, but which performs best. The Torch was fine for me from a hardware perspective, but the software was seriously flawed. The iPhone has seriously messed up hardware and software. Personally, I'd rather have the 624 MHz processor that sits in a phone that works over a 1GHz beast that has a bunch of flawed hardware. Apple should be ashamed. As soon as I get back to my home state from my project where I'm based, I'm going back to the Torch just so that my business functions such as phone and email work correctly.
    09-21-10 08:13 PM
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