1. julian924s's Avatar
    Hi - can someone tell me if its possible to change the filename extension of pictures taken?

    I can change the filename but not the jpg extension after I've taken a picture, the reason I ask is a mail server I'm sending to is rejecting them due to their mailserver software - it rejects anything with a jpg extension - simply renaming it gets around this.

    I know the simple solution would be to get the recipients mailserver to allow the mail through but I want to know is it possible to change the file extension on my phone?

    Suppose I could also just connect my phone to a PC, copy off, rename and then mail ... but that's not always possible or a very easy way of getting around this either.

    Thanks - Julian.
    01-07-11 06:02 AM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    Simple, open your media app, BB button > explore, Navigate to the file, BB button > Rename. From there you can rename the extension.
    01-07-11 06:08 AM
  3. julian924s's Avatar
    hmm, for me it doesn't show the extension? If I follow the steps you provide I can rename the file from name1 to name2 but the actual .jpg extension is not shown at all.

    If I view the properties of the file it shows it as name1.jpg for example.

    Its as if its hiding the .jpg part when trying to rename it as it's assuming you always need to have the .jpg extension associated with pictures and changing this is not an option.

    Thanks - J.
    01-07-11 06:18 AM
  4. homer1475's Avatar
    Is the pictures on your device or on your memory card?
    Although I can change them regardless of where they are. Perhaps you can try an app called filescout? I have no idea why your BB is not showing you the extension.

    Perhaps encryption is set to on?
    I can't think of any option to show or hide file extensions.

    Just went to my pictures and just viewing from there and choosing rename, I can rename the extension without any issue.
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    01-07-11 06:25 AM
  5. 5picker's Avatar
    I just tried mine following homer's steps and it allows changing the name and extension. The only thing confusing was it didn't show the cursor during the name change so I wasn't sure where I was at in the file name when I started the process but continued hitting of the delete button removed all the file name characters and the extension and allowed renaming to whatever. It worked for both files on my media card and on the device.

    I don't know of a native setting that hides file name extensions.
    01-07-11 06:28 AM
  6. julian924s's Avatar
    oops, apologies - I really should have read homer1475's steps properly - I was not "exploring" the media, I was viewing the picture and using the BB button and selecting Rename, this is where the confusion on my part was coming from.

    So sorted now and thanks for the replies ... still getting used to the Torch, but its an awesome phone that's for sure.

    01-07-11 07:10 AM