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    Since I always have insurance, the warranty doesn't mean much to me. Particularly since I know how the warranty thing works. 999 times out of 10 (yes, that's just how I intended to write that) they'll tell you that whatever is wrong with your phone is due to you, so the warranty doesn't apply. Refurbs are great deals. I personally will not buy a phone from Best Buy, Amazon, Radio Shack, or any of the other discounters, simply because of the difficulties they create for the Customer Service types that work for the carriers. Usually I buy online from AT&T, once in a blue moon I'll go into a store to buy something.
    Thats why I like black tie protection from Best Buy. You drop it or even just a warranty issue, I just go in and get a brand new one. Dont have to deal with At&t period. I know you say you dont buy phones from best buy but there are true benefits. Their pricing is usually better than At&t as my new white Torch was free and better customer service. Also there are no customer service difficulties as they have you completed with your upgrade in 10 mins.
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    I ended up ordering mine this past weekend. Might get it today.

    I've heard a handful of people say this. I'd like to know what this belief is based on. Why would the first 30 days be the hardest? Especially on something that goes through the wear and tear that portable devices like phones do.
    It's usually based on the idea that a manufacturing defect will show itself pretty quickly once you start using a device on a regular bases. Bad connections in something meant to take certain amount of torture will loosen and easily develop problems.

    I got the warranty with mine too, and I'm keeping my unlimited data plan for now. I'm not sure that you can do that if you bought on Amazon. Even to extend an existing contract. That seemed to cause some problems as posted over in the AT&T group on this forum a few months back. Unless something changed, going through a third party dealer usually meant being forced to select one of the tiered data plans, then having to call AT&T Customer Service to explain that you had an unlimited plan but wasn't given the choice to keep the existing plan. At first CS would help out, but as time went on, they became less cooperative and even said that they would no longer help out. Maybe the third party dealers will now show you your existing plan to keep, I don't know, but I didn't want to go through that hassle, just in case.

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