1. Tokyophil's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    my first post so been gentle! I've done a bit of a search but nothing has come back.

    Basically when I receive some text messages from people, the new message shows up in the little preview it gives but when you actually go into the message conversation to read it, it doesn't show up.

    I've looked for software updates and i've tried a re-boot but nothing makes any difference!!

    Even when I go to reply it doesn't show my latest message! It's really frustrating!!
    12-18-10 08:23 AM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Where are you looking? If it is showing up in the Today area under the notification bar, you have SMS reporting to Messages. It should also be in the Text Message area. If you scroll down to the message in the Today area and click the trakpad, the message should open. It will the be marked are read but should still exist in the other places unless you deleted it.

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    12-18-10 09:01 AM
  3. Tokyophil's Avatar
    If you go into 'text messages' the you get a list of message starting from your most recent, the message previews the beginning of it in that window but when I go into the message itself it doesn't show the latest message.

    The only way I can actually read it is by going into contacts, picking up the message by going into the person who text'd me's contact and then attempting to forward it to someone else, then it actually shows up!! Most annoying!!
    12-18-10 12:04 PM