1. lilpippi's Avatar
    My friend keeps having PT appear on the home screen of her phone,
    But she doesn't know what it means.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    12-15-10 02:50 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Where does it appear? What 3rd party apps are installed? Post a pic if possible.

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    12-15-10 02:52 PM
  3. lilpippi's Avatar
    She said it appears in the top right corner and she has a radio station app installed.
    12-15-10 03:00 PM
  4. Elite1's Avatar
    Does it appear in a square?

    Does your friend speak/use Portuguese on her BB?
    PT is the 2-letter abbreviation they use for Portuguese.
    12-15-10 03:17 PM
  5. Fnord's Avatar
    It's possible that it is the language setting for Portugal.

    Found this on another forum:

    go to Options - Language and Text input. There you will find settings to take switch this back (PT = Portugal for language options)
    12-15-10 03:26 PM
  6. Elite1's Avatar
    Also, ALT+ENTER allows you to switch languages on the fly.

    I remove all languages but English, so I haven't tested this. I would assume it only works in text fields. Maybe someone will test and reply...
    12-15-10 03:32 PM