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    I have been having problems with my Torch; when I start a call the volume is fine (actually is very good), but as soon as I remove the phone from near my face, and the screen goes back on for me to say put in a number, when I put the phone back to my ear the volume decreases - significantly.

    I have tried updating my software to the latest version but didn't fix it. Is this a general problem? Or am I the only one? Don't think its hardware since the earpiece has good volume in the beginning.

    *Update*: I noticed if i click on the volume down button, I get the high call volume again. Its very strange. I have checked the in call options. Is there a setting for this? Thanks
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    12-14-10 09:53 PM
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    I have the exact same problem. First, I thought it was just my phone. I sent it off to be repaired even after only owning it 2 months. It came back and it was still having the same problem despite the repair depot saying they fixed it.
    Got a brand new Torch the very next day, exact same problem. Only it doesnt help when I push the button down.
    This is very annoying and very disturbing to know here is no fix and trust me, i have checked everywhere and done everything possible to correct it.

    I am with Telus in Canada so I am stuck with this phone working or not and I still have 33 months to go on my new contract. Wonderful.

    The Torch is garbage, nothing but troubles on both handsets. STAY AWAY FROM IT.
    01-09-11 05:44 PM
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    Please list the 3rd party APPS you have installed. I think it has to do with one of them
    01-27-11 04:14 AM
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    Hmmm. Contrary to my previous post, I'm thinking it's the battery saver app I was running that was the culprit. I've removed it and the problem went away.
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