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    I found difficulty in surfing the net, with a message saying that " can not connect now , try again later". Contacting Vodafone, they advised me to check my service books and if I find a 2nd occurance from " Blackberry Internet browsing.." , then I should delete. I found it and did delete .
    Problem solved for sometime , but kept appearing again, and has to apply the same solution.
    My questions are
    1- Why is this happening ?
    2- Is there a permenant solution?
    3- Should I download my services books again ? and from where?
    4- Is that dangerous ?

    Appreciate any input
    12-06-10 07:33 AM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    Service books are pushed from your carrier. Deleting them will do nothing other then accomplishing to have them repushed to your device.
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    12-06-10 07:41 AM