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    The 9800 is my most recent BB, and I have had many, going more years than I care to remember. I think its a very good device, but I have the same problem with it as I did with all the others, including my beloved Bold 9000. Basically, how does one input account numbers, etc., if one is not on the phone screen?
    Let's say you're calling a bank to get info on a credit card, the account number of which is stored in the contact entry for the bank along with the phone number. You know, like you do.
    You get the bank on the phone, and then you have to switch back and forth repeatedly between the phone and the contact screens, during which I, at least, inevitably disconnect the call and/or close the contact screen, and have to start all over. And, perhaps unlike lots of you guys, I can't remember 16 digits, in sequence, long enough to input them in the phone screen without re-referring to the contact page.
    I've floundered around with the forum search function, but I have found nada.
    Is there some trick to this? Oh, please say yes and tell me what it is.
    11-26-10 03:23 PM
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    Its not that difficult really. I just put the phone on speaker and then navigate carefully to the info I need and read it out. Could be a memo, or the most often asked is someones phone number. For this reason I have a convenience key set to address book and its one touch to get there.

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    11-26-10 05:04 PM
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    If it's an automated system, then go old school and use a pen and paper to take down the number from the contacts page then head back to the phone. In fact, I usually prepare the call by hitting the contacts page first. Or, for me it's usually eWallet or using a calling card (which was why I got Berrydialer). eWallet involves the additional step of typing a password every time you have to return to the app, so pen and paper is the easiest answer…

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    11-26-10 05:14 PM