1. jazzyc84's Avatar
    Ok maybe someone has already posted this before, but I really haven't found an answer to my issue, so please bear with me.
    I received a notification that I had gotten a text message and was able to see a preview of the message in the notification bar. However, when i tried to access the message in my inbox, everything was blank. Has anyone had this problem before? And what can I do to actually retrieve my message? Please help. Thank you
    11-15-10 06:10 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Did you try going into the "text messages" area? All "messages" does is collect everything. Maybe they sent you a trick message with only a "space"? Cool thing to do in order to make someone scratch their head a bit...

    Hey that works, I just blasted my wife with ~10 " " text messages. Bad news is she can tell who is doing it.

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    11-15-10 07:03 PM
  3. jazzyc84's Avatar
    i went into text messages, and also view folders to access sms inbox, so I can see preview of the message, but when I actually select it, it shows up blank.
    11-15-10 08:00 PM
  4. shansmi's Avatar
    But you have a preview that is not blank? Have you changed fonts or anything? Changed any of the SMS options?

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    11-15-10 08:05 PM
  5. jazzyc84's Avatar
    Yes weirdly enough the preview itself is not blank, but trying to open the message, eveyrthing is blank, including any previous sent messages. And no i hadn't changed any options or anything. This is like the third time this has happened.
    11-15-10 09:29 PM
  6. shansmi's Avatar
    Try doing a reply. Maybe you are seeing the infamous SMS bug where it opens a thread in the middle vs going right to the new message within a given thread...

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    11-15-10 09:55 PM
  7. jazzyc84's Avatar
    ok i'll give it a shot. Thanks!
    11-15-10 10:04 PM
  8. Dogbackwards's Avatar
    I have the same problem too on my Torch but its only with one contact that person is on T-Mobile...
    11-22-10 01:05 PM