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    I did a search on this, but didn't get quite what I was looking for, so I was hoping the good ol' people of CB (esp. Torch users) can help:

    I have a Curve right now, and soon getting a Torch (whenever Rogers feels like it's a convenient time for them to release it).

    I've heard a lot of people saying the best thing to do when switching devices is NOT to use the device wizard and just bring over contacts & pictures manually. (Is it because going to the Torch from another device or because going from OS5->6 makes the Torch sluggish?)

    I don't have a problem with that as I use Lookout Mobile and it's pretty easy to restore contacts & pics.

    My other problem is that I use BES - does this change the fact at all? or should I still not use the switch wizard and just get the IT guy to resetup BES?

    Thanks for the help.
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    problem with switch wizard was it carried some stuff over from my bold 9000 os 5.0 and made my phone run crappy. I did a wipe and just carried over contacts than reloaded everything else by hand and it started to work fine.
    09-25-10 10:30 PM
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    I upgraded from a 8310 and am on BES. Took it with me to the AT&T store. The store employees switched everything to the Torch for me - all cards and data. I had a fully functioning Torch when I walked out the door and have had no problems with the device.

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    The problem with the switching software is that sometimes the backup files can become corrupted and cause your phone to misbehave. Personally, I just load up Google Sync and be done with it. I personally don't change much of the default settings anyways.
    09-26-10 03:54 AM
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    Thanks fellas.
    09-26-10 06:35 AM