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    I need some help guys. My Torch's bb menu key has stopped functioning and AT&T is sending me a replacement. I just realized however, that my phone is unlocked...and I'm pretty sure that means my warranty is void. I do not have the $$ to pay $500 if they notice this! I have searched a bit, but is it possible to relock a blackberry? Thanks in advance!
    01-12-11 08:38 PM
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    No that i read, and theres this one:

    By the end of the thread subsidy code providers explain that.
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    01-12-11 08:54 PM
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    Hmm, ok. An AT&T customer service rep told me it did, which I found odd considering it does nothing to the device itself. Thanks for the help gbsn, appreciate it!
    01-12-11 08:57 PM
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    The warranty only applies to the original purchaser. If that's you, you're fine. However, if you bought an unlocked phone, then you won't have a warranty, not because it's unlocked, but because you aren't the original purchaser.
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    01-12-11 09:21 PM
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    Awesome. This works out well, as I am the original owner. Thanks for the help guys.
    01-12-11 09:24 PM