1. mikeinfl2010's Avatar
    All my keys have a click feel when pressed, except the SPACE bar. it feels jammed or squishy. YES IT DOES WORK THOUGH with no extra effort, just has no click feel to it.

    Normal? Weird? Ideas please
    12-10-10 10:59 PM
  2. dochouse7's Avatar
    I'm going to say not normal (my space bar clicks, as do the ones a few of my work colleagues have). If the button still works though, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    12-11-10 03:51 AM
  3. homer1475's Avatar
    My first device was like that, although it was different keys. Every once in a while some of the keys on my current torch do that, then return to normal later on. To be completely honest with you I really don't even notice it anymore. If they still work then I saw it's fine, but if it bothers you then by all means take it back and get another.
    12-11-10 07:17 AM
  4. hectorjr's Avatar
    My Space Bar doesn't really click. I though this was normal though.

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    12-11-10 07:38 AM
  5. dictoresno's Avatar
    the keys operate by using a dimpled film on the main circuit bord. when you press a key, it depresses the dimple, creating a "click". when these get flattened out through wear (usually premature), they still work but will no longer be a full click. since the phone is under warranty, you can try getting a replacement from the carrier. my 9700 has some non clicking keys and is out of warranty. so i just purchased some new keypad membranes to fix it myself.
    12-11-10 08:31 PM