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    I liked the folders I had on my bold better than what I see on the torch. On the bold I had folders and sub folders. So if I wanted to pull just the pics from "vacation in abc" I could pull up that folder, which was in the folder labeled "vacations"... make sense?

    On the Torch, you can pull all your pics up mixed up or click and it "splits" them up in the "folder" names I had but it's all open, I don't want that, I just want the folders, like the Windows Explore, for example...

    Any ideas? As an example, I want:

    Vacation folder
    • subfolder - trip to abc
    • subfolder - trip to dei
    • subfolder - trip to kie
    Car folder
    • subfolder - car show abc
    • subfolder - car races jde
    • subfolder - car show 49k
    Work folder
    • subfolder - abc client's facility
    • subfolder - hdsi client's faciility

    Any ideas? I search app world to see if there was even an app, but nothing..

    01-17-11 09:46 AM
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    I'm not sure if there is a way to do this from your phone or a program that does this just yet. I just haven't looked into it for a few years. The way that I got all of my folders/sub-folders was just doing it through my computer when I hooked my phone up to it. I just hit create new folder and it worked like a charm. Hope that helps somewhat.


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    01-17-11 10:51 AM
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    I miss the sub-folder view from my Bold 9000 days. Now I have to scroll through hundreds of pictures (this gets frustrating with almost 1,000 pictures on my media card) in the main folders just to find one picture that I could have found easily with the sub-folder view of the Bold :'( I'm going to keep checking back on this thread to see if anything can fix this.

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    That's what happening to me... I had about 700 pics in there, all neatly filed in folders / sub folders.. Glad I am not the only one wanting this.

    The other reason is if I am showing someone a set of pics, I don't want her to see the "other" set with someone else , for example
    01-17-11 01:24 PM
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    im doing this right now actually.... the only way to do it is to connect up to your computer and set it to usb and go into the pic folders and make folders and move all the pics you want to different pics... Im literally doing this right now as I type this lmao
    01-17-11 06:29 PM